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Hamlet: The First Quarto

Hamlet: The First Quarto, by William Shakespeare, was produced by Bad Quarto Productions in 2016, and opened on 26 March 2016 in New York City. Hamlet: The First Quarto was directed by Tony Tambasco.


Director Tony Tambasco
Stage Manager S.M. Payson
Costumer Joanne Famiglietti
Artistic Director Tony Tambasco
General Manager Joanne Famiglietti
Photographer James M. Smith
Alex Dabertin Hamlet
Beatriz Browne Ofelia / Braggart Gentleman
Kitty Mortland Queen Gertred
James Overton Ghost / Player Duke / Fortenbrasse
Roz Cavallaro Rossencratf / 1st Sentinel / English Ambassador
Dani Martnieck Gilderstone / Gravedigger
Arif Silverman Marcellus / Player Duchess
Sofia Kokonas Corambis / Priest / Ambassador
Owen Moss Hayden Barnardo / Montano / Player Murderer / Voltemar
Andre Silva Leartes
Rachel Matuse Horatio
John Walbolt King
Citizens, messengers, Lords, attendants, soldiers, and guards played by members of the company


Bad Quarto Productions is devoted to creating performance contexts as well as performances, and to that end, we offer the following documents from Hamlet: The First Quarto for perusal. If there's anything you'd like to review that you don't find here, please feel free to contact us.


A pdf copy of the production program.


A jpg copy of the production poster.

Scene 14

A video of scene 14 from the production

Performance Script

A pdf copy of the production script.


Howard Miller's review of the production for Talkin' Broadway

"That Same Skull, Sir"

Blog post by director Tony Tambasco