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Anna Karenina Lives!

Anna Karenina Lives!, by Germaine Shames, was produced by Bad Quarto Productions in 2017, and opened on 14 October 2017 in New York City. Anna Karenina Lives! was directed by Tony Tambasco.


Director Tony Tambasco
Music Director James Overton
Choreographer Mike Canestraro
Costumer Joanne Famiglietti
Artistic Director Tony Tambasco
Artistic Associates Alex Dabertin, Courtney M. McClellan, Andre Silva
General Manager Joanne Famiglietti
Photographer James M. Smith
Brigette Estola Mae West
Rachel Marie Kemp Anna Karenina
Kirsten Egenes Sophia TOlstoy
James Overton Vronsky / Karenin


Bad Quarto Productions is devoted to creating performance contexts as well as performances, and to that end, we offer the following documents from Anna Karenina Lives! for perusal. If there's anything you'd like to review that you don't find here, please feel free to contact us.


A pdf copy of the production program.


A png copy of the production poster.

"Mae West to the Rescue in Russia"

Review of Anna Karenina Lives! in L'Idea Magazine 19 October 2017. By LindaAnn LoSchiavo