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Cupid's Revenge

Cupid's Revenge, by John Fletcher, was produced by Bad Quarto Productions in 2017, and opened on 15 April 2017 in New York City. Cupid's Revenge was directed by Angelina LaBarre. Cupid's Revenge was made possible in part through the donations of Isabella Jane Schiller, Lynn M. Rohrer, Avril C. Chase, Concetta Castellano, and Dr. Larry E. Sullivan


Director Angelina LaBarre
Music Director James Overton
Fight Choreography Anthony Vaughn Merchant
Fight Captain Analiese Puzon
Costumer Joanne Famiglietti
Artistic Director Tony Tambasco
Artistic Associates Alex Dabertin, Courtney M. McClellan, Andre Silva
General Manager Joanne Famiglietti
Dramaturg Elizabeth Kipp-Giusti
Photographer James M. Smith
Travis Burbee Agenor
Jane Coty Nisus
Alex Dabertin Leucippus
Lindsay Fabes Cleophila / Urania / Citizen 3
Amelia Fei Hidaspes / Citizen 1
Brandon Fox Leontius
Liz Lodato Dorialus / Urania's Maid
James Overton Telamon / Priest / Citizen 4
Marcella Pereda Ismenus / Bacha's Maid
Analiese Puzon Timantus
Sabrina Robinson Bacha
Ivy Tinker Cupid / Zoylus / Hero / Citizen 2
Citizens, messengers, Lords, attendants, soldiers, and guards played by members of the company


Bad Quarto Productions is devoted to creating performance contexts as well as performances, and to that end, we offer the following documents from Cupid's Revenge for perusal. If there's anything you'd like to review that you don't find here, please feel free to contact us.


A pdf copy of the production program.


A jpg copy of the production poster.

Press Release

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